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My name is Eszter Balázs. I am a financial consultant with a degree in economics, and the mother of three children. I work as a senior consultant for one of the largest insurance companies in the world, which is also a market leader in Hungary. Both professionally and personally I try to create security and stability in life decisions.

Insurance portfolio

We all nurture basic principles, for example our place in the working world, and protecting our families and our health.

Yet we not only provide protection, we develop and build too. In this context I offer a long-term partnership and top-quality services to enable my clients to take advantage of the most convenient, optimal and personalised support available on the insurance market for conscious planning or for unexpected situations.


As a consultant, I always handle information together with my colleagues with the utmost care and attention, since our clients are often not aware of the kind of service they would ideally need. Following a needs assessment we compile our proposal for insurance solutions and packages, but we are also happy to conclude ad-hoc or urgent insurance contracts too. During the term of the contract we conduct periodical cost reviews and inform our clients about discounts and changes in premiums.


I’m always available to help you choose and take advantage of your insurance.

Portfolio planning

Offering the best solutions for specific life situations.

Savings planning

Your insurance can also serve as a savings account. I help you to make the right decision.

Calculating discounts

Reviewing existing insurance, offering solutions that are better value for money.


Goodwill ambassador

Our son, Ádám, was born with a heart defect, so it is always crucially important for me to support children born with health problems. This is why I support a number of charity programmes.

I donate some of my private income generated from my clients to charitable causes, and I am glad to help my clients find a purpose and structure that we can support together.

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Working hours:
Mon-Fri 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

“We have been partners with Eszter for many years.  She has provided me and my company with accurate information, fair calculations and outstanding client management. Thank you.”

“Eszter tries wholeheartedly to serve her clients’ needs: she is available in unexpected situations, and does everything in her power to solve problems that arise.”

“Any client who takes out an insurance policy with Eszter can expect nothing short of a comprehensive service, professional expertise, kindness, a willingness to serve and a swift solution.”

“Eszter is a committed and knowledgeable consultant. We have known her and her company for more than 10 years. There is virtually no question that she doesn’t know the answer to. Extremely communicative, helpful and flexible. Since she has thorough knowledge of her clients and Generali products, she can offer personalised solutions. Thanks to Eszter, all of our insurance is with Generali, which is very convenient. I can only recommend her.”

“Besides having accurate knowledge of the client’s needs, a high-quality service relies on three key factors: care, patience and personalisation. You don’t only need to have a feel for these skills, they are also very hard to learn: they make the difference, they inject colour into everyday tasks. If someone hates administration, is impatient and a bit unfocused, like me, this isn’t easy. I am not sure how many years it is since Eszter has been in charge of my insurance, which I would be totally incapable of. She knows what I need, she doesn’t talk me into unnecessary things, but gives information on anything I might need, pays attention to deadlines, is patient and keeps me on track. And above all, I trust her… without that I wouldn’t have gone into this partnership.”