Health Insurance Packages For Businesses During The Coronavirus Pandemic


In response to the situation caused by the coronavirus outbreak, Generali has supplemented its collective risk insurance with two new additional services.

The Shield (Pajzs) insurance not only provides a daily hospital allowance for coronavirus patients, but it also compensates for incurred costs.

Daily allowance for Covid-19

In the event of contracting COVID-19 with no symptoms before the risk exposure begins, the daily hospital allowance provides coverage for inpatient care in hospitals, in any facility approved by the competent and professional supervisory authority of the given country, anywhere in the world.

  • The deductible covers 7 days, after that the payout is the insured amount multiplied by the number of days spent in hospital care.
  • For the days spent in intensive care, the insurance pays 200% of the insured amount.
  • The allowance may be claimed once for no more than 10 days after the deductible runs out.

COVID-19 cost reimbursement

In the event of contracting COVID-19 with no symptoms before the risk exposure begins, this product covers the incapacity for work of an infected person after treatment at a designated inpatient unit of a hospital, which gives rise to specific costs for the insured person that can be proved by an invoice issued in the person’s name in Hungary.

  • Cost reimbursements may be claimed in relation to the incapacity for work period starting from the first day of their discharge from the hospital, but for no more than 14 days.
  • The insurance product covers the one-off costs of any transfer home, and the transfer to the location of the check-up examination and back home.
  • It also reimburses the costs of a babysitter/child-minder, dog-walking, a cleaning lady or the delivery of hot and cold meals/drinks.

The two new products are available for all businesses (both for existing and new clients).

The contract is governed by the employer terms and conditions of the Shield insurance, and it can be concluded as a separate contract.

Further conditions:

  • the coverage must be extended to all employees, minimum number: 10 people
  • it is possible to differentiate between the insured persons
  • the contract is concluded for a term of 10 months
  • one-off premium
  • no modification, no termination by mutual agreement, the premium may not be reclaimed
  • no waiting period, no risk assessment.

Feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions:
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